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Real Wife Stories - Jasmine James and Skyler McKay

Real Wife Stories - Jasmine James and Skyler McKay
I think there was a rule written somewhere that say you can not covet another man's wife. The good thing is though, it doesn't say anything about wives not being able to covet another woman's husband. So if someone else's wife makes a move on you, you're totally free to go along with it, as seen in this instructional video we have today starring Jasmine James and Skyler McKay. As you can see in this scene from Real Wife Stories, both guys are having sex with each other's wives, but only one of them has broken any rules. Because Jasmine made the first move on the guy, he's clearly not at fault here, and if I'm remembering the rules correctly, can have the other guy banished from town riding a black sheep. And as a result, can keep both wives as a prize. I think this is how Mormons can have up to six or seven wives.

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