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Naughty Office - Skyla Novea

Naughty Office - Skyla Novea
Well, another week has come and gone, and the goal for Friday is clear. To do the least amount of work as possible without getting fired. If you're recovering from St Patrick's Day, the job plus a hang over is going to make the day drag on a lot longer than it should. But, if we drink a lot of fluids, and eat some carbs, I think we should all be able to make it through. If you're going to be fired for another reason like our friend Skyla Novea is, you might have to resort to a porn solution to fix it. If you're a guy, you've got about a 0.1% chance of this working, and I would suggest getting in line at the unemployment office. But if you have a vagina, you've got a pretty good chance of pulling this one off.

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