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Morning Fucking

That's a Good Way to Start Your Day
I tell you if there's one thing that could make you have a fucking bad day is waking up with a hard on and not being able to fuck. I'm not saying that jacking off in the shower while you are getting ready for work or to start your day couldn't hold you but it's not the same as getting some round mound of ass to start your day. I mean what horny mother fucker wouldn't love to get a good fucking going on before they get on with their fucking day? I'm pretty sure that just about any horny mother fucker would just love to get some good muffia before they go to work and shit.


It's Not Just for Pornstars Anymore
Just the other day I was thinking back to the first time I got some pussy. I remember wanting her thick black ass to give me a blow job but she wouldn't. She didn't want to suck my hard cock because I had a lot of hair down there. Which I couldn't blame her for not wanting to let me stick my dick in her mouth because who would want to put their mouth on something that hair? (And believe me I had so much hair growing around my dick at the time that you thought that I had fucked a fur ball.)