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Rub a Teen - Serena

Rub a Teen - Serena

The past few days have been very big days for nerds and nerd culture with all of the announcements that are going on. With the new Star Wars trailer, the Star Wars Battlefront trailer, and the leaked Batman vs Superman trailer all coming out, there's a hell of a lot to talk about. If you're a geek/nerd/whatever and you're not walking around all day with a semi-chub, you're a little dead inside. I think Star Trek is way better than Star Wars, and thing George Lucas is a fucking tool, and I still like what I'm seeing with that piece of shit franchise.

There's one thing that's obviously missing in all of this media coming out of Hollywood. Tits. I did not see one good pair of tits in any of the trailers that I've seen over the past two days. It's a fucking crime. But a crime that can be quickly remedied.

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