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Latin Adultery - Selena Santana

Latin Adultery - Selena Santana
I've been a fan of porn for a very long time. One could almost say, too long. And in that time, I think I've looked a porn, and looked for new porn, about eight out of every ten days. If you take that over the years and years I've been a porn fan, it adds up to a lot of 'research' on the subject of porn. So it still surprises me a little, when I go out and see someone new that everyone else seems to already know about. But it still happens, often. There's just so much porn, and there's so many porn stars, that just when you start to think you know everyone, there's ten more stars that have been in the business for a long time, that you've never even heard of. And for me today, that mystery woman happens to be Selena Santana

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