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Angry Fucking

It Beats The Hell Out Of Arguing. Don't You Agree?
Let's face it my fellow pervs, we all get into arguments with our mates. I don't think there's any relationship out there where mother fuckers don't argue. I mean you're at least going to have times when we argue, that's a part of being in a fucking relationship. You show me a couple that never argue about shit and I'll show you two people that's fucking full of shit. I'll also show you a relationship with something wrong too.

Real Hair vs Fake Hair

Many men have been fooled and this shit has to stop!
I'm pretty sure that all of you know that I love big tits, round asses but what you might have not known about me is that I love when a woman has some long hair. I mean there's something that's so sexy about a chick with long hair. I guess I'm so crazy about that because you could pull that mother fucker while you're fucking her from behind and smack that ass. There's just something about when you could run your hands through her hair that could make you go crazy.

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