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Rihanna being Rihanna

Rihanna being Rihanna
It seems like Rihanna is in a little tiff with Instagram and we all get to reap the benefits of the fallout. It seems like she decided to post some photos of herself from a recent photo shoot, and they decided that they weren't kosher for their site. But the great thing about that is, whenever people don't find something kosher, that's when we start to gain interest in it. She's decided to move tham over to Twitter and share with everyone, and we have to thank her for that. So here are all the photos that made such a fuss.

Rihanna and Shakira's New Video

Talk about Hot!
Now, I know what you dirty mother fuckers are thinking and no, they didn't make a sex video. I'm just letting you know before you go searching the porn sites like we live together and shit. The video I'm talking about is their new music video and if you ask me, it's been a long time coming. I mean you're talking about two of the sexiest chicks that the music industry has to offer putting their beautiful voices together and sexy bodies in motion to give us on hot ass video.

Rihanna in GQ ( again )

Rihanna in GQ ( again )
Our girl Rihanna is gracing the cover of GQ magazine again this month. I don't know exactly how many times Rihanna has been in the magazine, but I think it's starting to rival how many times Alec Baldwin has been on SNL. But there's a reason that Rihanna is on the cover again. She sells magazines.

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