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GF Revenge - Avinna Easily

GF Revenge - Avinna Easily
Today we're watching women get back at their boyfriends by turning into little sluts on the internet. GF Revenge is like you're at a bar, and the couple next to you has a knock down drag out fight. Now, the girl, to piss off her boyfriend, starts hitting on you. Now you've got to make a decision here. Is she hot enough to deal with the drama? Do you think you could take the boyfriend in a fight? Are you going to have to drive her home, or do you think you could leave her on the side of the highway? These are all the questions running though your mind. GF Revenge is the porn version of that.

Revenge Fucking

He Fucked Around On Her, So She Fucked His Brother!
As the old saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." Whoever came up with that statement that has become popular over many years knew what the fuck they were talking about because if there's one thing for sure revenge is very cold to the one on the receiving end and sweet to the one that's dishing it out. That statement doesn't fall short of mother fuckers who get back at their cheating lover. Actually, some people would say that it gets a lot colder and a lot sweeter.

Get Revenge On Your Ex with Porn

Revenge Has Gone Porn
You say you want to get back at your ex for being your ex? You want to do something that's really going to bring you some satisfaction at the same time you want to embarrass the fuck out of them? You want to take the best revenge that you could ever take? Well, do you have a sex tape of them? You do? Well, how about posting it on the net so everybody could see it?

My Girlfriend's Revenge - Renae Cruz

My Girlfriend's Revenge - Renae Cruz
Today we have Renae Cruz doing what bitches do.. cheat on her boyfriend. Even though this site is all about girlfriends cheating on their boyfriends, but if you break it to it's base porn level, you're going to be checking out a POV site that has girls angry fucking some random guy. And in my book, that's a very good thing.

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