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Guns And Religion

It's Like Throwing Gasoline On A Grease Fire!
Oh yes my fellow pervs, I know that I might end up pissing some people off with this shit but when have you known me to be worried about pissing a mother fucker off? I'm pretty sure that you would agree that I have written some shit that might still have mother fuckers talking today. This time I'm talking about some anal shit that I have seen going on but I didn't really say anything about. That shit is guns and religion.

Sex, Religion and Government

Sex, Religion and Government.
You know, I think it's fucking crazy it is how quick people are so quick to throw religion around when they don't like shit. It's pretty much like people can get out pretty much just about anything or pass some kind of bullshit along just by saying that it goes against my religion or that it goes against God. It's pretty much like when kids used to tell the teacher that the dog ate their homework when the teacher asks for it. It's pretty much bullshit.