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Maturity In Relationships

People Have Got To Be Mature When It Comes To Relationships!
When I look at some of the relationships today and how quick people seem to be to break up, it makes me wonder about what the fuck is going on. Yet, when I see the reasons why, one word keeps coming to mind and that's maturity. I think that is one of the biggest problems in relationships today. You have one that's mature enough to be in a relationship and you have the other one that's not mature about being in a relationship or you might have both people who are not mature about being in a relationship, either way it's not a good fucking thing.

Relationships Are Between Two People

People Get Hurt Being in Other People's Business!
If there's one thing that you all know about me is that I'm a dick when it comes to relationships. I'm a dick because the way I see things is that a relationship is between two people and that's pretty much fucking it. It's not between you, her and her fucking family, friends or shit like that. Relationships are a big step that's made between two people that they have to fucking deal with not everybody else.

You Can't Turn a Whore into a Housewife

You Can't Turn a Whore into a Housewife!
As the old saying goes, "you can't turn a whore into a housewife." That is very true my fellow pervs and it goes both ways. What I mean by this is that if somebody was a whore when you first met them, then it’s more than likely that they are going to be a whore when you marry them. In other words, there's no changing them if that how they choose to be, they have to change that shit themselves.

Living with Parents: Bad Idea

They lived with her parents and you see how that worked out!
If there's one thing that I always tell people if you want a good fucking going on, never live with anybody, especially your parents. You may think that you're ok because you are an adult but you're not. Living with your parents is not good for your sex life. You don't believe me, ask George Costanza from Seinfield, I'm pretty sure he could tell you that good shit. I mean look at the shit that he had to go through with his parents.

Take Your Time with that Shit

Another Possible Candidate for the Maury show.
I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make in relationships is going into another relationship when they know that good and fucking well that they aren't ready for that shit. I mean sure I understand that we get used to the fact of having somebody around when we are lonely and horny my fellow pervs, it's a given, but getting into a new relationship before you've got a chance to get over your old one is not ever a good idea and it usually always ends badly. This is some shit that I speak from experience.

If You Have To Raise Them.......

Not a Good Picture.
If there's one thing that burns my nose, it's when people think that they have to act like they are a parent to their man or woman. I mean why in the fuck would somebody want to be in a relationship with a mother fucker that they feel like they have to raise? I know I wouldn't want to be in that kind of relationship but I guess there are just some mother fuckers out there that feel like they should control their lover to have a good relationship.