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Don't Live With People

I'm Pretty Sure They Will Tell You It's Not A Good Idea To Live With People!
If there's one thing that tell people, "if you want to be able to have a good relationship, don't live with people." The reason that I say that is because when you're living with other people it's more likely that they are going to always stay in your business. When you are doing the 40oz bounce they are going to know about that shit. They will also be in your relationship too.

Kill Her With Kindness

You Get More Flies With Honey!
This one is for those of you, my fellow pervs, that are either married like myself or you're in a relationship. I know that sometimes it could be hard when your woman or whatever starts arguing with you. Believe me I know because there are some times when Mrs. WANG and I, ourselves have our little arguments, even though they end up with some good fucking at the end, but it doesn't always end that way for some of us. I know that sometimes it was like that for me and my wife. Yet there are ways around being hot and mean to each other after an argument and I'm going to tell you something that I've learned. Well, here goes.

Listen Some Fucking Time

I Know It's Hard To Listen But At Least Try! It Could Mean A Lot More Fucking!
If there's something we forget to do my fellow pervs is to listen. I mean our women are pretty much telling us what's going on with them but we don't fucking listen. Or maybe we do but one is for sure we do miss out on some important points that could end up making us wish that we didn't when we find ourselves not getting those street blowjobs and top shelf pussy because we missed out on a detail that might have been important, at least to them.

Date Night

Take Your Woman Out On A Date And She'll Thank You Later!
My wife came to me the other night with something that I'm sure that just about every mother fucker has probably heard from their woman. She started talking about having a date night. I know that you might be thinking that why should you be dating because both of you are already together but this is some shit that you should be thinking about. I mean it's something to make sure that you keep shit going strong and the possibility of you being able to fuck them when you want stronger than ever. So honestly, I think that it's some shit that you should think about looking into, especially when it could lead to you pounding that pussy at the end of the night.