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They Are Looking For A Reason

Some Cheaters Start A Fight To Cover Up The Fact They Are Cheating!
It there's one thing that I always say, if you're willing to get passed the bullshit that has happened in the past then you'll be able to have a good relationship. What I mean by that is that if you can't let shit go that has happened in the past your relationship is not going anywhere. The only thing that you will find is both of you being in the combat zone going through anal hell damn near all the time because the past is always going to be brought up and that's not a good thing.

Divorce Blues

Sometimes Shit Just Doesn't Work Out!
There's a seven letter word that is distressing to some and heaven to others, that word my fellow pervs is... You've guessed it, divorce. Some people don't like to hear that words or even think about that word. Other people are fucking happy to hear that shit because it could mean the hell that they been through being married is coming to an end. In other words those seven letters could mean either good or bad depending on the person.