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Don't Let Them Inside

I Hate To See The Mother Fucker On The Receiving End!
If there's something that I always tell people my fellow pervs, it's to keep people out of their relationship. I tell them that shit because people could really fuck up your relationship with lies and shit. It's funny how a rumor getting around to your wife, girlfriend, husband or whatever or to you about them could be the basis of you getting ready to break shit off with them but it does happen. I'm pretty sure that there are a many mother fuckers out there that could agree with that shit.

Revenge Fucking

He Fucked Around On Her, So She Fucked His Brother!
As the old saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." Whoever came up with that statement that has become popular over many years knew what the fuck they were talking about because if there's one thing for sure revenge is very cold to the one on the receiving end and sweet to the one that's dishing it out. That statement doesn't fall short of mother fuckers who get back at their cheating lover. Actually, some people would say that it gets a lot colder and a lot sweeter.

Justin Beiber, Deported?

Doesn't He Know that You Don't Smile on a Mugshot?
I don't know if you feel like I do but I'm smelling some bullshit publicity stunt. I mean do you really think that they would deport "the Beib"? Seriously, I don't think so but I do know one thing that little mother fucker is getting on everybody's last nerve with all that desperate to be famous or infamous shit his be doing lately.

Top Ten Stupid Shit People Do at a Strip Club

One Hell Of A Good Reason To Go To A Strip Club
I'm sure there's not one of us that doesn't love to go to a strip club. Strip clubs could be fun. I mean who wouldn't love getting table dances and lap dances. Sure you have to shell out some money but it's worth seeing these chicks shake their ass for your cash while you are having a few drinks. Strip clubs are fun but there are certain things that you don't do in a strip club but people choose to do them anyway and these things could fuck up your fun time.

If You Can't Trust A Teacher

He's Definitely Not Looking at the Chalkboard
I know that I'm not the only one that's been hearing in the news about teachers having sex with their underage students and shit. It seems like you can't turn on the fucking news anymore without hearing about that shit. It makes it seem like teachers are more concerned about fucking their students than giving them an education like they were hired to do. It's something that seems like it's becoming commonplace in schools these days. It seems like you can't even watch the fucking news without hearing about some fucked up shit that's been going on at some school.