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Doctor Adventures - Kissa Sins and Pristine Edge

Doctor Adventures - Kissa Sins and Pristine Edge
Today we're going to watch a real couple make a porn movie. It's probably not what it sounds like though. This one is another Kissa / Johnny Sins production, with a side of Pristine Edge. If you didn't know before, ( and if you didn't, welcome to porn ) Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins, are a couple in real life. Now, I don't know if they're actually legally married, but when a porn star takes another porn star's last name, that's a big thing. Porn marriage, much like gay marriage was, is legal in 16 states, and I think after the Supreme Court rules on it, will be legal in all 50 states. One can only hope for legal rights for all, and porn marriage will be open to anyone who wants it.

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