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Getting Locked Up is Totally Not Worth It

You just know that he's seriously thinking about the fact that he fucked up because he could be getting pussy right now!
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about shit that he was going through. He's not the first one and not the last one to end up on the shit side of the stick when it comes to a fucked up relationship. The shit happens pretty much every fucking day, to not just men but women too. That's right the cheating housewives shit doesn't just happen to men, it happens to women too my fellow pervs.

Will She or Won't She Fuck Somebody Else?

Yup, he knows his woman is going to fuck his friends when she gets home!
Me and a few of the guys were having a conversation about some other shit when a guy that we both knew walked in with his woman. Now, everybody else knew that while this dude was behind bars his woman was out fucking. I didn't know anything about what the fuck she was doing because: one, I didn't really know them and two, it was none of my fucking business if she was being one of the sistas in the hood out there having orgy sex parties.