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Day With a Pornstar - Keisha Grey and Abella Danger

Day With a Pornstar - Keisha Grey and Abella Danger
Today we're spending a Day With a Pornstar, which, if you've never done it, is just like spending a day with a regular person, but someone in the room is always naked for some reason. Today though, we're going to be getting a bonus porn star because we were good little boys and girls and we're not in jail after the 4th of July weekend. We're going to get to spend the day with the lovely Keisha Grey and Abella Danger. Two porn stars that have a higher probability for injuries in their scenes than most porn stars out there. This is going to definitely be one of their tamer scenes.

Pornstars Like It Big - Lexi Love and Stella Cox

Pornstars Like It Big - Lexi Love and Stella Cox
Pornstars Like It Big is back again with a scene starring Lexi Love and Stella Cox. If you've never been on the site before, it's kind of like the catch-all for Brazzers Network. Say they make a scene that doesn't really fit on any of their sites. Where does it end up? Pornstars Like It Big. Now you're probably wondering, why would they make a scene that doesn't fit on any of their sites? Artist man.. who can explain 'em?

Pornstars Like It Big - Rachel Starr and Kissa Sins

Pornstars Like It Big - Rachel Starr and Kissa Sins
Although this is a recent scene from the site Pornstars Like It Big, it kind of feels nostalgic to me. I haven't been on the site in a little more than a year, and I haven't seen Rachel Starr in I don't know how long. But seeing both of them now, it almost feels like I've never been away. Rachel Starr is kind of like Dick Clark in that she never seems to age at all. I think one day she's going to reveal her true age to mankind and end the world as it was foretold in the sacred scrolls. Kissa Sins is someone that's a bit new to me though, and the main reason that I ended up looking at the scene. But all things being equal, I feel like I'm back in 2008 except everything is in HD.

My Wife Is A Pornstar - Alura Jenson

My Wife Is A Pornstar - Alura Jenson

It looks like we have a new site from the guys over at Naughty America, and you won't believe what the site is all about. Are you ready? You're not going to believe it.. It's a MILF site!! OK, you are going to believe it. It's probably the most predictable thing that Naughty America could have done, and they did it. And not only did they make their 100th MILF site in the past few years, they did it with the least imagination possible. The site is called My Wife is My Pornstar, and I can't think of any statement less true to come out of porn.

So basically it goes like this. The husband in this situation asks the wife in the scene to have sex with another guy. He's not going to watch or anything, he just wants her to go and do it, and then come back and report. Can someone please explain this porn to me, because I'm trying to work it out in my head, and I'm not getting it.

Stop Demonizing Porn

Porn Is Good! It's Very Good!
I'm pretty sure that you know by now that I'm a big supporter of porn and the adult industry, my fellow pervs. More than likely you are too because you are checking out this site not just reading the articles but you are clicking on the links checking out porn at the same time. I don't blame you there's some good shit out there The one thing about it though is how even though porn is becoming more popular these days, there are still mother fuckers out there that make it seem like the fact that somebody has done porn before is a bad fucking thing and because somebody has done porn that they can't decide to do something else.

The Cop Who Was A Pornstar

This Is Not Her But I Think You Get The Idea!
Yes you heard me right my fellow pervs. There is a cop on the Miami Police force that did porn at one time. Now there's some kind of big investigation into that shit because it seems that the people that she filmed the porn with are mother fuckers who might have broken the law. She wasn't proven to have done anything wrong but you know how the news media like to blow shit out of proportion sometimes. They are not focusing on the other guys they are going on a witch hunt about this lady officer, who just happened to do some day with a pornstar shit in her past and that doesn't set right with me.

Pornstars are Some Intelligent Mother Fuckers

You Have to be Intelligent to be in Porn!
I know that a lot of us don't think about it much while we see them enter the hardcore but pornstars are actually some intelligent mother fuckers. I mean most of us think that just because they fuck on screen and shit that's all they are about but that shit is just not true. At least most of them have a lot of other talents than just fucking for cash. It might not seem like it but it's the truth.

Sons of Anarchy Goes Out with a Porn

One Hell of a Way to End a Series!
Well, my fellow pervs, I don't know if you are fans of the show Sons of Anarchy like my wife Mrs. WANG but you might want to check out the last episode of the series because I'm sure that it would be all the more worth it. Even if you're not a fan, at least checking out the final episode would be all the more worth it if you're a good fan of porn because it features one of our favorite hot sexy plumpers Kelly Shibari.

Pornstars Like It Big - Esperanza Gomez

Pornstars Like It Big - Esperanza Gomez
I find myself switching to Telemundo every now and then lately, because last week I randomly caught Bikini Fashion Show and I need to see it again, but I don't know the next time it's on. I feel like other countries have really figured out what people want to watch, and we're still stuck with shit like Big Bang Theory. And now that Kaley Cuoco is only wearing baggy clothes, because she's probably pregnant, there are absolutely zero fucking reasons to watch that train wreck of a show. I guess we need something to keep mom's quite for a half an hour a night though, so their is some point to it.

What They Did in the Past

Just because she did porn in the past doesn't mean that she couldn't make a good teacher!
I know that I'm a little over a year too late about this shit but I was just browsing through news stories and shit when I came across this news article that was talking about this middle school science teacher that ended up getting fired because she did porn in her past. Yes, you heard me right in her past. She only did nine months worth of porn to pay her bills while she was out of work and they thought that was enough to fire this chick because the only work that she could find before she got the job at the school was doing porn, which ended when she got a job teaching at the school and it's bullshit.

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