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Porn Genius

Porn Genius
To get ready for Valentine's Day, someone has made the genius decision to take comments from below the videos on Porn Hub, and stick them in a Valentine. Because, what better way to tell a girl you love her, than to let her know your dick is hard as diamonds? I know that some musicians read their review, and some don't. And some movie stars read reviews, and some don't. Do porn stars even know that reviews exist?

Deep Inside: The Study

Don't know who to jerk off to?
I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just finished reading an amazing study that was put out by a man named Jon Millward. The study is called Deep Inside:A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers, and it covers a few of the bases that you wonder about the porn industry. Normally, when anyone wants to make a documentary, or compile any statistics when it comes to the porn industry, we end up with something like The Dark Side of Porn or Inside Deep Throat where you get a point of view from the author of the documentary or study. This is a lot different.

Porn Stars Punishment - Bridgette B

Porn Stars Punishment - Bridgette B
Ohh Bridgette B.. Why the hell don't you come over here and make ME eat out your pussy every night? I'm willing to give you the old fish hook while I have my dick in your ass. Fuck, I'll even throw in a Cross Faced Chicken Wing a la Bob Backlund if you want. Just as long as you promise to reverse it into a Top Down Scissor Hold.

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