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Indiana And Religion

The Sign Says It All!
I'm pretty sure that you've heard about the new bill in Indiana, you can't help to hear about that shit because it's been all over the news. From what we are hearing about the shit it's a law supposedly made in order to protect business who practice their religious beliefs from persecution from doing so. And on the other side you have people arguing how the bill will allow people to discriminate against people and citing their religious beliefs as justification.

Election Day Blues

We've Got to Vote!
I know that election day is over my fellow pervs and just like I'm sure you are, I'm glad that shit is over. I'm pretty sure, just I did, you got tired of those advertisements for the mother fuckers running for office that seemed to be running just about every 5 fucking minutes on the TV, radio and even on the internet. Sure you didn't have to worry about that shit running when you were watching porn but then again, you know just like I know, you wouldn't find politicians trying to get pornstars to endorse them or even buy a spot on a porn.