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Big Sausage Pizza Jaylyn

Is it just me, or do you want to shove her tits all over that pizza.
Another day, another delivery with the Big Sausage Pizza man. This time the lucky target is Jaylyn. This hot housewife was planning a night in with a small pizza and some wine, but we gave her what she really wanted - a big sausage and a good hard fucking.

Big Sausage Pizza April

April takes her time teasing the big sausage before fucking the pizza guy.
When the Big Sausage Pizza guy showed up at April's house, she answered the door looking absolutely hot as hell. She mentioned that her husband was out and she was hungry. I took her pizza to the living room and when she returned showed her my big sausage.

Big Sausage Pizza Ashlunn

Ashlunn really loves the taste of my big fat sausage.
When the delivery call came in to the Big Sausage Pizza shop to make a delivery to Ashlunn, there was no way I was going to let someone else take the call. I've been flirting with this woman everytime I've made a delivery and the last time I was there, I almost got the chance to really close the deal. This time, there'll be no mistakes, I'll be banging this bitch for sure.