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Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei
Today we're looking at a star that you might not know a lot about, but I feel like you're going to be seeing her a lot more in time to come. In reality, a lot of you do know her, she has over three hundred thousand follows on twitter. It's not like she's unknown. The reason that I say that some of you might not know her, is she's had an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures for the past four (?) years. And having never had an account with them, I feel like she's been in kind of an exile for me. We're of course talking about Kaylei Lei, 2013 AVN's Best Actress. And I feel like I'm getting to know her for the first time.

They've Been Hacked

They've Been Hacked!
It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody when you hear about celebrities cell phones and computers with their naked pics and homemade porn being hacked. Fuck, it shouldn't even be a surprise to the celebs that their phone pics and videos that they thought they were just sharing with some of their friends would be hacked by some mother fucker looking to get their hands on images and videos of some celebs' boobs and bottoms for their own enjoyment or even to sell because as everybody knows, money talks.

Club Smash Pictures - Aletta Ocean

Club Smash Pictures - Aletta Ocean
For all you young guys out there, you might have read about me talking yesterday about how porn was distributed back before the internet was around. Back then we didn't think of porn as a scene at a time, but more of a collection of scenes or a full movie. But now we just think of a collection of scenes as a website, and they all just run together. But there are some die hard sites out there that still hold the tradition of making the porn one DVD at a time. You know, for the plot..

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