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Big Tits Boss - Parker Swayze

Big Tits Boss - Parker Swayze
If you're a fan of Parker Swayze, then you should be happy with the next month or two. She's back in L.A. and looking to make lots of porn for you all. It's got to be tough being a porn star and not living in the L.A. area. You're stuck with a very specific skill that can't be used in the middle of the country. ( Do they have porn studios in Tennessee, or where ever she lives? ) I would have to imagine that if you became a porn star, you would want to get your ass to California as fast as possible. I don't feel like the industry is hurting for porn stars right now, so you don't want to make it harder to find a job than it already is. Can porn stars get on unemployment? "Have you fucked anyone in the ass this week?".. "No". "Have you tried fucking anyone in the ass this week?".. "Yes.". "Here's your check."

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