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Fantasy HD - Natasha White

Fantasy HD - Natasha White
Today we're back with normal porn, on a normal day, for all the people that don't have to deal with massive flooding and all the damage that entails for the next few months. Let's just hope that the government doesn't forget about the place after the water goes down, just like they have with all of the other places that get hit with shit weather. To all the people in the hot zone, grab your laptop, grab your ipad, grab your dicks, get to high ground and jerk off in a nice dry spot. Our thoughts are with you. Everyone else, e-mail your senators, and get them some of that sweet sweet FEMA money. Because you know that the more people that bitch about it, the faster they'll actually do something. And since all the Senators are on vacation, you can bug their asses at home. They love it when that happens.

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