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When you're married or in a relationship for that matter, things could get kind of mundane. What I mean is that the whole day in day out struggle could wind up getting to you. It could get you to the point where you feel like everything in your fucking life is a chore. It's as if the fun has pretty much gone out of your life and that’s not a good thing whether you are in a relationship or not.

Fifteen Naked Chicks in the Snow

Who wouldn't want t
Everyone who knows me knows how much I hate the snow. But if we're going to have to deal with snow, it might as well feature naked girls, and they might as as well be hot enough to make me melt.

Naked Movie Star Trix

Is it just me, or does that green pussy really make you want to shoot a load?
Naked Movie is proud to present 'Star Trix'. This is pretty much one of the funniest spoofs I've ever seen of a real movie. Join the adventure as Captain Dirk leads the Starship Intercourse around the galaxy in the pursuit of new life and new civilizations ... ah fuck it... in pursuit of hot pussy.