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My Wife Is A Pornstar - Alura Jenson

My Wife Is A Pornstar - Alura Jenson

It looks like we have a new site from the guys over at Naughty America, and you won't believe what the site is all about. Are you ready? You're not going to believe it.. It's a MILF site!! OK, you are going to believe it. It's probably the most predictable thing that Naughty America could have done, and they did it. And not only did they make their 100th MILF site in the past few years, they did it with the least imagination possible. The site is called My Wife is My Pornstar, and I can't think of any statement less true to come out of porn.

So basically it goes like this. The husband in this situation asks the wife in the scene to have sex with another guy. He's not going to watch or anything, he just wants her to go and do it, and then come back and report. Can someone please explain this porn to me, because I'm trying to work it out in my head, and I'm not getting it.

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