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Exotic 4K - Mila Jade

Exotic 4K - Mila Jade

I think I've spent the past few days listening to a guy playing poker on twitch. I started just about the time I got this cold that makes me not want to move in any particular direction. I don't know what it is about poker, but I can just shut off my brain and watch it for hours on end. And if it's not on TV, this Jason is pretty much your best alternative to watch. He streams for about eight hours a day, non stop, every day. It's a weird thing to watch, but when you're sick in bed, you never ever have to reach for the remote again.

It's weird, because when I hooked up the computer to the TV, I never thought I'd be using it for anything besides porn, which was a reasonable assumption for a guy like myself. I usually use Netflix for my streaming entertainment, but lately, I have to say, I don't mind watching streaming on the TV. And now that porn comes in 4k..

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