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Massage Creep - Natasha Malkova

Massage Creep - Natasha Malkova
There are times in my life that I found something that is just a bit of perfection. For me, in the porn world at least, are the massage videos. Someone, guy or girl, being able to play with a girls body for a while is a good thing. And Massage Creep is one of the best places to find that. Now if they could just make a few POV videos, it would be great.

Massage Creep - Linda Lay

Massage Creep - Linda Lay
I don't usually think of myself as a fetish type of a guy, but I think someone has figured out my fetish before I even knew that I had one. Massage Creep is exactly the type of site that you think it is. The ability of being able to put your hands anywhere on a girl's body, and just playing with it, has got to be one of the best abilities in the world. ( did that sound a little rape-y to you? )Ya, that's my fetish.

Massage Creep Brooke Adams

Sexy babe Brooke Adams doesn't mind getting her tits squeezed when she's asleep.
There's nothing better than watching a girl fall asleep while getting a massage. Well, that is unless you count watching us molest her while she's asleep. Brooke Adams fell asleep on my table and I didn't think twice about playing around with her a little bit. When she woke up, she was ready to play too.

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