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Monster Curves - Mallory Madison and Maria Jade

Monster Curves - Mallory Madison and Maria Jade
I've spent a few days on the site Monster Curves over the past weekend and I come out with one question. Am I looking at butt implants, and I just don't know it yet? I've been looking at porn, no.. dare I say, studying porn for a long time now. I can spot a lot of fake things from a mile off. Fake tits I have down cold. I think every guy in the world is at that stage though. It's not that tough. I can spot fake lips, fake nails, hell.. I could even spot fake hair on a regular basis. These things all just came with time. But the one thing that I feel like I have a bit of confusion on, is a fake ass. There's a few asses on the site that I'm pretty sure that have been modified in some way. That just goes with the territory. But there's some that I think might have something going on, but there's really no tell tale sign.

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