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Punish Teens - Maddy Rose

Punish Teens - Maddy Rose
As you all know, I'm not the biggest BDSM porn fan out there. I pretty much know next to nothing about the whole scene, as I think I watch maybe five scenes a year, if that. I did want to mention this scene though, because it has one of my favorite teen porn stars right now, Maddy Rose. The last time I saw her, she was getting gang banged by five guys, so I guess this scene is an improvement? All I know is, I need to look for a scene with her that doesn't involve forcibly seeing how much dick you can take. Why can't porn just be a nice relaxing time when a woman happens to be naked and smothers you with her ass and tits until you pass out? Then everyone would be happy, you know?

My Very First Time - Maddy Rose

This is NOT Maddy Rose. It's Rachel James from the same site. I just like the picture.
We've got a new site today for everyone to talk about. It's called My Very First Time. It's hard to believe that the URL was still available, but there it is, for all to look at. I think you're already guessing the gist of the site. They take porn stars, and film them doing their thing for the first time. It's not them doing porn for the first time. It's them doing a particular aspect of porn for the first time. Take for instance, Maddy Rose. She's been in porn for more than a minute, but she's never done a gang bang before. This is the place that that gets taken care of.