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Ginger Porn Stars

Ginger Porn Stars
So, I know that porn stars don't have a soul. And I know that gingers don't have a soul either. So what happens when you have a ginger that is a porn star? This is one of the most dangerous things you can come across, and precaution should be taken at every turn. You have to take into consideration the fact that porn star are just tools, as SirFapsAIot puts it, "What happens is when you fap to porn, you lose a small percentage of your own soul. Evil men who run the porn industry then collect the souls fragments and use them as currency in the spirit world." I also know that since gingers have no soul to begin with, they are in constant search for one, and if they get in league with the right people, and learn certain soul stealing techniques, they can become very dangerous and do ginger tricks like start to walk in the daylight.

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