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Make Her Feel Sexy

You Make Her Feel Sexy, You Can Get All The Pussy You Want!
There's always some mother fucker out there complaining about their woman don't want to give up the pussy. They would always tell you how fucking sexually frustrated they are because their woman leave them to the point where they've got to jack off when they get a hard on. These mother fuckers usually go out there and cheat like whores instead of fucking their women like they should be doing. What they don't realize is that they are the ones at fault for that shit.

Valentine's Day Again?

It's Back!
I don't know about you my fellow pervs but it seems like to me that Valentine's Day comes a lot faster every year. I mean we just got finished spending money on Christmas and New Years. Now we've got to spend more money on another holiday that's not really a holiday. Well, it actually is in some places but it's more of a holiday to honor St. Valentine, not really a day attributed to lovers that's just something that I guess stuck. I'm not here for a history lesson though, if you want to know more about it, then look it up.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret
Well, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show was done up this week in New York City. We're all going to have the privilage of watching it in a few weeks, when it airs on CBS on Dec. 4th. I can't tell you how much is going to be worth watching since it'll be airing on a network station, but any chance to see hot chicks in their underwear, I'm usually up for.

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