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Kleio Valentien and Nickey Huntsman

Kleio Valentien and Nickey Huntsman
Today we're checking out two very lovely women, Kleio Valentien and Nickey Huntsman. Today they're in a scene called Bully Me Bitch, which is a scene that doesn't have a lot of bullying in it if you ask me. From what I can see, the only thing that was going wrong was Kleio was having sex with Nickey's sister, and Nickey wanted her to have sex with her instead. Why can't they just all have sex with each other, is what I say..

My Friend's Hot Girl - Kleio Valentien

My Friend's Hot Girl - Kleio Valentien
Today we're checking out the lovely Kleio Valentien, and her amazing style. The last time we've seen her is a little over three years ago, but she's still looking as good as ever. It's kind of weird when I see a porn star that I haven't seen for a while. I always wonder if they had left and are just coming back into it. But most of the time I come to find out that nope, they've been doing porn all this time and I've just missed it for three years. You see, the porn world is kind of like air. It will expand to fill whatever container is holding it; in this case, the internet. And with something as large as the internet, I'm amazed I see porn stars more than three times a decade, so I'm happy to see her again here.

Halloween Porn

American Whore Story Part 4
Whelp, it's Halloween, and you know what that means, Halloween porn. Well, at least that's how it use to be. Back in the hay day of internet porn ( or what we like to call.. porn ) all of the major websites would put on little productions showing off all of the acting talents of their major porn stars. They would get dressed up in crazy costumes, strip down until it was just a fucked up pumpkin head or something, and then have sex just like any other porn movie, but with weird regret that you never felt before. A lot of the porn was just too strange to jerk off to, but that was the point of this time of the year.

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