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YouPorn Stats

YouPorn Stats
YouPorn put out some great statistics this past week, and I thought that everyone here might enjoy them. They go over what gamers are watching on their consoles when they visit the site. And not only what they are watching, but who is watching, and for how long. It also show which console is searching for more of a particular subject, what countries they're searching from, and who they happen to be searching for. It's a huge amount of information. It's not the first time that YouPorn has put out stats on a certain topic, and every time they do, it's always a pretty good read. So Let's take a look at all of the graphs and see what we can see.

The Modern Sex Tape

Starring Kim and Farrah and many, many others..
It recently came out that Ray J, in kind of a fuck you type move, sent Kim Kardashian some profit sharing from their sex tape that they made. He decided to make the check out for what the profits were for the past 4 months. If you're wondering how much that possible could come to, you might be surprised by the total. $46,840.13. ( which is just his share of the cut ) I honestly shouldn't be surprised by that, but I still am for some reason. What might be a little bit more surprising is that the tape has to date, over the past seven years, made a total of almost 50 million dollars. Which raises a few questions with me..

Sex Tapes, Friend or Foe?

Kim Kardashian, the hottest of the Kardashian's. ( maybe )
There's an overriding opinion by some that sex tapes are a bad thing. They destroy the reputations of the people involved and sully the general public opinion. Then there are the other's that feel that any press is good press. That it doesn't matter what gets you in the public eye, just as long as you stay there.