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Naughty Office - Kayla Kayden

Naughty Office - Kayla Kayden
The Victoria Secret Swimsuit Special was on last night. I have no idea how it was or how many people watched it, because honestly, I couldn't care less. If you do care though, you can watch it here though. Watching anything Victoria's is kind of like watching a bad PG-13 movie for me. There's just a bunch of nothing, but the whole time you're hoping for a nip that never comes. And at the end of the whole thing, you kind of feel ripped off, and bitter about the whole thing. You know what you never feel ripped off about? Porn. In porn, there's about a 99.99% chance you're going to get a nipple shot. Unless you're watching one of those CFNM sites, and then it's reduced to a 50/50 chance. I still like my odds with it.

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