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Ass Masterpiece - Julie Cash

Ass Masterpiece - Julie Cash
Today we're check out Julie as she shoots a scene for the website Ass Masterpiece, the ass site that doesn't actually have a whole hell of a lot of ass sex. Going into it, with the amount of ass worship that's going on, you would think that something is eventually going to end up in there, but sometimes.. nope. Hey, we can't always get what we want.


Danielle FTV
I was on a friend's site recently, and he put up a poll that was about as simple as you can make it, but the results were a little surprising to me none the less. The poll asked a very simple question.. Do you like pink nipples, or brown nipples?

Ass Masterpiece - Julie Cash

Ass Masterpiece - Julie Cash
Everyone stand the fuck back! There's about 60 pounds of Grade A Prime Ass coming through the door right now. The first thing that I thought of when I saw Julie was, 'Did Brooke Hogan put on about 40 pounds and start doing porno?'. If that thought has you excited, this is definitely the girl for you. If not.. you might want to scroll a little further down the page.

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