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Pornstars Like It Big - Julia Bond

Pornstars Like It Big - Julia Bond
Her name is Bond, Julia Bond. And she's got a license to teach you some of the many ways how going to church as a kid can backfire greatly as an adult. ( Katy Perry can teach you other reasons why ) I don't know if she actually went to church as a kid, so please don't write any hate mail, it was just a joke. Another big misunderstanding, apparently is the upside-down cross. You see, it's right-side-up to her.

Diary of a Nanny Julia Bond

This nanny knows how to work the cock.
Julia Bond catches a criminal in the act of ripping off her employers house. She knocks him out and is totally surprised to find out it was her high school crush, Johnny. When he comes to, she tells him that she needs to cum too, and unless he wanted to go to jail, he better go to work.