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Naughty Athletics - Jillian Janson

Naughty Athletics - Jillian Janson
We're checking out Jillian Janson today, a porn star that I personally have never seen in any other scenes before. I know she's relatively newish, so I don't feel too bad about not knowing her, but she's also got 66K+ followers on her twitter account, so I feel like I need to start to pay attention. The scene here that she does with Naughty Athletics isn't really pushing me to be the biggest fan in the world, but it interreges me enough to check out the other stuff that she's done. It is from Naughty America though, so you know it's going to be a bit safe when it comes to the porn. They're about as mainstream as you're going to get, so I want to wait to see her in other shit before I pass judgment.

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