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Kayla, Jessa and Kendra

Kayla, Jessa and Kendra
There are a lot of trials going on in the world right now. A few big ones.. The 'American Sniper' murder trial.. The Aaron Hernandez trial.. Whatever is happening on Judge Judy right now.. And the major thing that links them all is, they're not going smoothly at all. Most of them have been riddled with problems over the months and months that they have been going on. But once again, porn has shown us the way in all major things in life. If the legal system ran anything like it did today with Kayla Carrera, Jessa Rhodes, and Kendra James, we definitely wouldn't have as many problems as we do in our current system. Imagine how little crime we would have if a guy knew that the first thing that would happen to him when he got to the police station is he was going to get pegged? Wait.. reverse that.. You know how much crime we would have..

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