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Round and Brown - Jenna J Foxx

Round and Brown - Jenna J Foxx
Today we're going to be checking out the lovely Jenna J Foxx, or as some sites like to call her Tara Fox. I have no idea why sites still do this. Actually, what I should say is, I don't know why Reality Kings still does this. It seems like they're one of the only sites that still tries to use different names for the new stars that they have on their site. I understand that you want people to search the name on Google or something and only come up with your site, but I think they're missing the bigger picture. They have to be totally missing out on the true fans of Jenna by using the name Tara. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and they've been doing it for a hell of a long time. I guess old porn sites never change.

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