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Doctor Adventures - Jasmeen Lefleur and Abella Danger

Doctor Adventures - Jasmeen Lefleur and Abella Danger

So now that the Ashley Madison leak is in full swing, there's been different angles that people have been looking at the situation. I was watching CNN and they were actually debating on whether or not they should be looking at the list, because in reality, no one has committed any crimes, so it's really none of the public's business. ( I for one, was amazed that a reporter came to this conclusion. It's too ethical. ) He was quickly shouted down saying that if you're in the military, infidelity was against their code of conduct, so they could be kicked out. And in Saudi Arabia, you could be beheaded for it, so those are both good reasons to out someone. I'm sure most of them will skirt around the issue by reporting on the reporters outing people. That way, you can talk about cheaters and still maintain that you're 'above the fray'.

There is one reason why you might want to check besides planning your own divorce...

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