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Brazzers - Lisa Ann and Jade Nile

Brazzers - Lisa Ann and Jade Nile
Whelp, it's time for the east coast of the U.S. to bed down tonight and don't come out for a few days. Along with getting plenty of food and water, making sure you have all your medications filled, and getting everything straight for your house, you're going to want to do one more thing. Make sure you have plenty of porn on hand. The first place to make sure you have plenty downloaded, is of course, the laptop. But a lot of guys out there don't have one, so try to find anything that can run porn, and has a battery, and put some porn on it. Tablets, phones, PS Vitas, whatever you can find. And if all else fails, pull out some old magazines and break out the flash light. It worked when we were teens, right?

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