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When She Won't Give You None

When She Won't Give You None, You Have To Take Matters In Your Own Hands! Literally!
I'm pretty sure that we've all been through our woman, not wanting to fuck, either because they just might not be in the mood or more than likely, like us guys tend to do sometimes, we did something that pissed them off. Either way, there's going to come a time when she's not going to give you access to the honey chest and that shit is going to happen at the worst time, when you really want to fuck. It has happened to the best of us my fellow pervs and it's a shitty deal.

There's Something About Masturbation

There's Something About Masturbation!
I was having a conversation with Mrs. WANG, when I started thinking about jacking off and then I started laughing. What had me laughing about the whole thing is that it made me think back to two movies that I'm sure that you've probably seen years ago, There's Something About Mary and American Pie. I know that you probably know where I'm going with this as far as some of the most memorable scenes in those movies and they dealt with masturbation. Those scenes were actually so fucking funny that we still think about them until this day.