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Ex Cheerleader Goes After Young Meat

There's Nothing Wrong With Older Women Being With Younger Guys As Long As They Are Legal Age!
No, my fellow pervs, it's not a scene from Fresh Outta High School or Big Tits at School. It's something that happened in real life, and I'm pretty sure that you've heard on the news about the ex Baltimore Ravens cheerleader that was charged with having sex with a 15 year old. She was sentenced to two years probation, with community service and has to register as a sex offender all because she wanted some young meat. Needless to say that she got it but she probably wouldn't be in the shit that she's in if she would have gotten somebody that was of age.

Back to School

I'm Pretty Sure That Just About Every Parent Is Glad The Kids Are Going Back To School, So They Won't Have To Be Afraid Of This Happening During The Day!
I'm pretty sure that some of us hate to see the summer break come to an end because that means the end of seeing hot chicks wearing next to nothing walk around in low cut, tight fitting bikinis that show off their monster curves. For others, it means that the kids could finally take their ass back to school, so that they could sneak a fuck in during the day without worrying about the kids knocking on the door fucking that shit up. For others, it means a whole lot of traffic that will take them hours to get through. Either way, the kids going back to school means something to everybody.

High School Reunion

This Says It All!
Well next year would be 20 years since I was fresh outta high school my fellow pervs and I've already got mother fuckers asking me if I'm going to the high school reunion. Truth be told my fellow pervs I'm not too fucking big on high school reunions. I didn't even go to the 10 year reunion and I'm not going to the 20 year one next year. I didn't want to see half those mother fuckers when I was going to school with them and I don't want to fucking see them now.

2 Teachers Plus 1 Student Equals Threesome

This is an Example of When a Threesome Can Go Wrong!
As I'm sure you've already heard my fellow pervs a 16 or 17 year old high school student has gotten an unforgettable education from his two Louisiana high school teachers and they weren't teaching English. Allegedly, the two teachers taught him some math by showing him what you get when you add two hot teachers plus one horny student. Apparently, excited about what he was taught, he shared it with his friends before you know it news spread landing the two teachers in hot water because needless to say that word got around to their bosses that they were doing more than teaching the student and their bosses weren't happy about it.