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Fucking In And Around The Pool

That Looks Like Fun! Don't You Think So?
Mrs. WANG and I always talked about fucking in and around the pool. We've seen so many mother fuckers do that shit and it seems like a whole lot of fun to us. It's something that we have never done together and we would like to do that shit because it looks like it's so fucking hot. I'm pretty sure that anytime you get to fuck in a pool or around the pool is fucking hot. I know they sure as hell make that shit look like it in porn. So being the adventurous mother fuckers we are, we would love to try that shit.

Take Some Time Away

You Both Need Some Time Away!
If there's one thing that I've learned about relationships is that you need time to yourselves. Sure it's fine to hang out with your friends and even have family around but there are just some time that you both need to yourselves without everybody in your face all the time. You both just need time where you could fucking get away from it all and just enjoy each other, without having to worry about other bullshit. I don't care if you're married or not, if you have somebody that's more than just tonight's girlfriend, then you both need some time to have to yourselves and I'm not talking about just kicking people out when you both want to do some hostile fucking.