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Guns And Religion

It's Like Throwing Gasoline On A Grease Fire!
Oh yes my fellow pervs, I know that I might end up pissing some people off with this shit but when have you known me to be worried about pissing a mother fucker off? I'm pretty sure that you would agree that I have written some shit that might still have mother fuckers talking today. This time I'm talking about some anal shit that I have seen going on but I didn't really say anything about. That shit is guns and religion.

Shooting Women because You Can't Get Pussy? WTF?

The Only Pistol You Should Be Using on Women is the One Between Your Legs!
It seems like there are more mother fuckers out there going crazy because some chick doesn't give them pussy. I'm pretty sure that you heard about that shit that went on in California where some mother fucker with blue fantasies got upset with some chicks because they didn't want to have sex with him and his friends. Ain't that some bullshit?

The 2nd Amendment: Guns and Politics

The 2nd Amendment: Guns and Politics
Well everybody, gun control and the 2nd amendment has become the flavor of the month this time, again bringing out people from two sides like two fighters in an MMA match. You have in one corner people in favor of better gun control and in the other corner you have people who are arguing that it will interfere with their 2nd amendment rights. Plus you have the people in the stands cheering on their favorite fighter. Oh and don't forget the one who's promoting the fight.