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Fucking Hardcore

If You're Going To Fuck, You've Got To Fuck Hardcore!
When it comes to fucking you've got to do that shit right. You can't just come to fuck half stepping. You've got to go hardcore, my fellow pervs, or you go home. It's just as simple as that. You can't come in all wimpy and expect to have some good sex. I mean you can't just lay there and expect your mate to do everything. You've got to get into that shit. If both of you are not sweating when everything is over with, then you haven't fucked. You only just had a preview because fucking means that when you get done, you both are so drenched in sweat that you feel like you've been walking in a rain storm. Now that's fucking.

Kill Her With Kindness

You Get More Flies With Honey!
This one is for those of you, my fellow pervs, that are either married like myself or you're in a relationship. I know that sometimes it could be hard when your woman or whatever starts arguing with you. Believe me I know because there are some times when Mrs. WANG and I, ourselves have our little arguments, even though they end up with some good fucking at the end, but it doesn't always end that way for some of us. I know that sometimes it was like that for me and my wife. Yet there are ways around being hot and mean to each other after an argument and I'm going to tell you something that I've learned. Well, here goes.