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We Love Redheads - Ginger Blaze

We Love Redheads - Ginger Blaze
What's the thing about redheads that makes us all love them so much? It's not like you can see their nipples really well.. They tend to blend into their skin. They can't tan for shit. They either have zero bush, or these giant 70s fire bushes. Very few have runways ( Ginger being one that I found ). All negatives.. but despite that, we keep coming back again and again. There's something magic about that red hair.

We Love Redheads - Ginger Blaze

Hot Redhead getting fucked by big black cock.
Ginger Blaze is at it again, searching around for the biggest dick on the block, and she's sure found it. And it's like 'x4' big. OK, follow the math with me here. You see, red bush vaginas are use to the Irish Curse tiny dick, so when you shove a big black cock in there, it's exponentially raising it's level of bigness. Normal vaginas equal x2 big, therefore red bushes are x4 big. Don't even ask when you try to fuck a black girl with an Irish dick. It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

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