Getting Pussy Posts on

The Pussy Whisperer

It's Important to Talk to the Pussy!
I'm pretty sure there's not a guy, or even chick, out there that wishes he just had the power to just say a few words that would make any chick's clothes fall off and automatically want to do the 40oz bounce. I mean we always see chicks that are so fucking hot that we want to just fuck them right there and don't care if anybody was watching, especially if you're a single guy who's not ready to settle down yet and just looking for tonight's girlfriend. We would just love to get a chick to drop her panties at our whim and be willing to fuck like a pornstar.

Dick Pics Are Not Going to Get You Laid on Facebook

Something to Think About Huh?
Honestly, I don't know what's going on in a mother fucker's mind that thinks inboxing people with cock pics are going to just make somebody say, "you have a big dick, we should talk." But there are some mother fuckers that just think that it's alright to just inbox people on Facebook with pictures of their fucking cock like that's going to make some random chick or whatever chat with them because they sent them a picture of their fucking cock.