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Innocent High - Gabriella Ford

Innocent High - Gabriella Ford
Today is a day that you're all subjected to my whim of the day. A lot of the time, I try to find girls or types of girls that haven't been on the site in a while, and go for that. The problem here is, last night I watched the movie House Party. If you don't know the movie, don't feel too bad. It came out in 1990, which means it probably came out before some of you were even born. More than that though, it wasn't a very good movie to begin with, so it's not going to be replayed over and over again like Ghostbusters or something. The one thing that the movie did have though, was a scene that I am particularly found of, and it stars one Tisha Campbell-Martin who's really nothing to look at now, but at the time, wasn't that bad. The scene though, was pretty good..

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