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Be Bold

You Got To Be Bold And Confident If You're Gonna Get Laid!
If there's one thing that I always tell people when they are looking for somebody, it's that you've got to be bold. Boldness shows that you feel worthy of being with a mother fucker. Now don't get that shit mixed up with being cocky because those are two different fucking things. That's like a dick being different from an asshole, they are two different things. One could piss as well as bust a nut, all the other one could do is take a shit on you.

Online Love

Meeting Online Could Be A Good Thing!
If there's one thing that I'm not ashamed to say, I met my wife online. Sure I know that a lot of people say that it's not really good to choose somebody you meet online to be somebody you love but the fact of the matter is that it could work out for you a lot better than you think. It all depends on how much you learn about them, how much you listen and how much you think about the shit that they are telling you, among other things. I'm going to lay it out for those of you my fellow pervs looking for your one and only but need some help finding the right one, whether online or not.