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Colombia Fuck Fest - Carolina Rivera

Colombia Fuck Fest - Carolina Rivera
We all know that President Trump is at the G20 summit now talking with all the world leaders, and most everyone is interested in how his meeting with Putin went. And while that's important and all, I was a bit more interested in how his meeting with the Mexican President Nieto went. And as it turns out, Trump still insists that Mexico will pay for the border wall that will never actually be built. And what I want everyone to thing about is, just what are we actually pretending to wall off here? I can tell you then first thing we're going to miss.. Colombian porn stars, that's what.

Wild Fuck Toys - India Summer

Wild Fuck Toys - India Summer
The mad scientist is back in the lab with a few more inventions to help humanity in it's hour of need. Back in July, people were already writing stories of how 2016 is the worst year ever, and now that we have a President that vowed to fight internet porn, we need science to step in a make things right again. Because if there's one thing that we can rely on, is that science is continually working on new things to fuck and get fucked by. And isn't that what the country is really waiting for? If we all just had a place to regularly put our dick, I think we would all get along just fine.

Wild Fuck Toys - Kitty Jung

Wild Fuck Toys - Kitty Jung
There's a scale to measuring tits in porn that usually breaks down to 'big' and 'small'. There's a chance that you get 'huge' every once in a while, but it's usually because some pornstar decided that we would like to see her with 20lbs of saline implanted in their tits. ( and we usually do ) But once a decade, you get to see a girl that isn't even on the scale at all, and she never was. Most of the time, a girl has some tits, even though they're as small as can be. But rarely, a girl will have no tits at all. And even more rarely, she'll get into porn. But it's happened, and my favorite girl to fall into the 'no tits at all' category is Kitty Jung.

Lies Don't Get You Laid

Well, Maybe A Good Lie Could! But Are You Willing To Deal With Them Finding Out The Truth?
Sure I know that a lie could lead to a fuck but I knew the title would stop you in your tracks, that's why I chose it, my fellow pervs. We all know that lies have lead to people fucking but that doesn't mean that it's good to lie in order to fuck. I mean it's really fucked up if somebody has to lie to get somebody to fuck them but that doesn't stop people from doing that shit. One thing's for sure, if a good lie could get a mother fucker laid they are going to tell that mother fucker so good that you think that they are telling the truth.

Don't Let What People Say About You Get To You

People Are Going To Talk Shit About You, Just Flip Them Off And Keep It Moving!
If there's one thing for sure my fellow pervs, people are going to talk shit about you. You could do good or bad, there are going to be people who have their mouths open like gagging whores about you. I know that shit could be frustrating as fuck. I think that it's pretty fucking safe to say that hearing what the fuck somebody has to say about you or some fucking rumor that somebody is spreading about you could get on your fucking nerves, believe me, I've been there.

Some People Are Just Obsessed

There Are Just Some People Who Don't Know How To Take No For An Answer!
I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a little behind on the times when it comes to seeing movies, my fellow pervs. Well, I wouldn't really say that I'm behind on the times, more like I don't really go to the movies that much. I guess it's because there's really not too much out there that I would like to see. I really have to want to see a movie, to actually pay the money to see it and there are movies that I wish I went to see when I get a chance to see them on television. Obsession is one of those movies.

Watch Porn Together

Watching Porn Together Is Fun!
I know that a lot of us think that when it comes to watching porn, our spouses or whatever wouldn't like to watch it with us but that could be further from the truth. I mean sure there are women out there who don't like watching porn, just the same as there's some men out there that don't like to watch porn but the fact of the matter is that you don't really know unless you ask. You might find out that your mate might be as much into porn as you are but never said anything about it.

Make Time To Fuck

We Should All Make Time To Fuck!
It goes without saying my fellow pervs, but unfortunately, some of us forget to do that shit. I know that it could be hard to do that for some of us to do that because we've got a lot going on. I mean it's not easy when you're working for a promotion at your job, trying to get another job, going to school to get a better job, trying to make a living or some other shit like that. If that's the case, one of the last things that would be on your mind is fucking. You would be concentrating on other shit, which is understandable but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't make some time to fuck.

If You're Too Tired To Fuck Then You're Working Too Hard

If This Is Happening Between You And You're Woman, You're Working To Hard!
Over a few beers, a friend of mine was telling me about how he was always too tired to fuck his wife. It turns out that he was always working because he wanted to make sure that they had everything they needed. She worked too and they weren't really hurting for money but he just found himself always working and being too tired to fuck his wife when he wasn't working. He wanted to fuck his wife like he did when they first got together but he found himself always being too tired to think about fucking. Needless to say the problem was that he was working too damn hard and needed to slow his ass down.

Overnight In An Airport

Everybody Wishes TSA Looked Like This!
Well, I ended up missing my flight the day before Mrs. WANG and I, one year anniversary and the only flight that was going out was due for the next morning. I didn't really have a way to get back home. Well I did but I decided that it wasn't worth it and it would be better to stay at the airport until my flight took off the next day. So, I ended up staying outside of the check bag area until the TSA decided to open up the checkpoint the next morning and if you ever had to go through that shit then you know what I'm talking about.

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